Work-in-Progress Wednesday

March 9, 2011

Feels like a billion years has passed since we last spoke. Probably because my life was consumed by sanding spackle, thinking about sanding spackle, and thinking about life after sanding spackle. Oh, and some work for my job thrown in too.

So today’s WIP post brings you REAL PROGRESS. That’s always exciting to see, especially when so many projects, both knitting and non-knitting, have that long period of time in the middle where it feels like you’re merely treading water and not getting anywhere. The sanding spackle stage of renovation exists solely in this place. So let’s talk progress. And breathe a sigh of relief at the thought that all that work that you and I do, as we chug along on the projects at hand, actually do lead us to a place of progress and, hopefully, a place of a finished goal (eventually).

The new kitchen.

utility room?

This photo, from Kasy’s flickr account, shows the original state of the new kitchen room. We think it was the original kitchen, that was then turned into some sort of utility/laundry room. Which would be fine, really, if the working kitchen, through that doorway in the back, wasn’t so shoddily created. A badly done addition with barely, if any, insulation in the floors and walls. Every winter, without fail, the water pipes would freeze with the slightest drop below freezing. The real kicker in getting our kitchen out of this room was when the badly done roof started leaking in the corner. Enough was enough. We slapped on a new backdoor, in that doorway (after some much needed rebuilding of the doorjam), and started demoing this utility room.

Coming Soon! New Kitchen!

Demolition feels like progress, doesn’t it? Until you realize that the demo stage is only the beginning of the project. There were some bumps in the road, post demo, where Kasy had to heavily patch the brick wall behind the wall we ripped down as well as rebuild the window frame.

The wall before we started

Patched big holes in the brick wall

After that was finished, we moved onto scraping the old glue off the walls behind the tiles we removed. That was a tiresome task, and proved to be more difficult that we anticipated. So we scraped and scraped and came to the realization that these walls will never be scraped down to the nice, even wall we expect in a room.

New lights!

working on the kitchen

Enter the spackle stage of hell.

Be afraid

light at the end of the tunnel

We spackled the 2 walls that previously had tiles on the bottom half and sanded. And sanded. And re-spackled. And sanded more. And we never felt like it would be over.

But look! It finally paid off! We’re painting now!



Progress feels awesome. Next up is the floor installation (same bamboo as the dining room and living room), oven installation, and adding all the counters and cabinets. This room will feel so worth the effort when it’s finished.

6 Responses to “Work-in-Progress Wednesday”

  1. Bridget Says:

    HOORAY! Not only will it be finished, but it will look fantastic. You two should be pleased.

  2. preita Says:

    wow!It looks so amazing! You guys should be so proud!!!

  3. jwburns Says:

    For a second I thought the pink kitchen was the new kitchen and I was frightened. Still a green eyed monster about your kitchen. Congrats!

  4. Shannon Says:

    I am so so so impressed with what the two of you are able to accomplish! Really well done!

  5. Amazing! looks Fantastic! So very impressed! Still a biot confused about the lay-out but we can talk about that on the phone. Looks like Kasy learned alot about remopdeling from his pops and Andrea from being smart and hard working.

  6. Sue Says:

    I would love to see update pictures, this is the first time I have been to your blog and you are amazing to tackle such a job, but it is looking so awesome now! Hard work does pay off, especially when you have a partner to help you. I will read on and see if I have updates to look at, but until then keep on smilin’
    Good job

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