Happy Earth Day

April 22, 2011

I hope you are getting fresh air in your lungs and sun on your face. It is cloudy and chilly, here in my corner of Pennsylvania. I have beans bubbling away on the stove for a big pot of soup that involves low impact ingredients, as many of our meals do. Kasy and I talked about blogging a bit about what we make to eat for dinner and changes we’ll be making in that regard to ensure even smaller amounts of garbage and recycling. So stay tuned for that!

In the spirit of Earth Day, I will take this moment to urge everyone to get out from behind the wheel of their car and get walking, get biking, get public transportationing. I’ll be posting, in the coming weeks, about how we’ve managed without owning a car and renovating a house by bicycle.

And on that note, check out Kasy’s first fully handbuilt bicycle.* It’s replacing his Surly Crosscheck as his commuter. He’s been working on it for a few months now and is so pleased to see it finished. It really is a stunning bicycle.

Kasy's newest creation

Kasy's newest creation

Kasy's pretty pleased

*Kasy works in the handbuilt bike industry making racks, building wheels, welding and brazing onto frames, etc. This is the first bicycle he has built. I am so incredibly proud. Next on his docket is retro-fitting my touring bike, an ’86 Ritchie, with S&S couplers and new racks.

6 Responses to “Happy Earth Day”

  1. preita Says:

    Good for you guys for not owning a car. If my husband and I were city folk we would probably do the same…maybe. Living where we do though…I couldn’t see hauling feed from the farm store, goats from a nieghboring ranch & other such nonsense. šŸ™‚ Our big push this year is raising our own food as much as we can, meaning raising our own animals for slaughter & growing as big of a garden as we can. I’d love to hear about your meals!

    • Andrea Says:

      We are lucky to live in a city, as that does make it easier to be carfree. Kasy comes from the PNW and had to drive out there. I’ve never even gotten my driver’s license, but I grew up in the suburbs of NY and made decisions of location and job based on my need to not drive. It is about making choices based on what is important to you. I wish I could live in Montana or Maine, but I would be forced to drive every now and then since public transit is lacking in the US in most places. Since we’re looking to relocate out of Philly in the next couple of years, transportation has been a big thing we’ve looked as since being human powered is of great importance to use. Can’t wait to hear about your farming experiment! I am jealous, as we have an 8×8 cement urban backyard that hasn’t been conducive to container gardening.

  2. kate Says:

    That last photo of Kasy is great. He looks so psyched!

  3. rachellake Says:

    I’d love to read more about your low impact meals! I’ve been thinking about doing something similar, blogging about how I base our meals around what is available locally and how I use the things that come from our winter market and backyard. Have you thought about raised beds instead of containers? I was afraid of planting directly in our backyard b/c of urban soil contamination, so I had dirt and local compost brought in to fill an above ground box.

  4. Samantha Says:

    Great blog – just discovered it! I do wish we could be completely car-free but having to run my stepson between households and therapy appointments (he has Cerebral Palsy)just makes that a no-go. My bike is my primary mode of transport though, and we were able to find an adapted bike for our stepson which he loves to ride. My partner is also a long-time sailor and dreams of us living on a boat named ‘bike’. šŸ˜‰

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