Maryland Sheep & Wool 2011

May 14, 2011

Now that a week has passed, and I’ve somewhat caught up on the to-do list these past few days, I have a few quiet moments to share some photos from Maryland Sheep and Wool. Seems to be a theme, since Bridget just blogged about it too.

Last Saturday morning, we shepherded Philly knitters to and from MDSW on the annual bus ride from Rosie’s Yarn Cellar. It was early for most, but we had coffee and raffle prizes. The buses were abuzz with chatting and the clicking of needles.

Arriving at the fairgrounds mid-morning, the buses unleashed us on the festival. My goals this year were to not buy yarn. I followed that. It was so hard, as I was originally toying with the idea of getting some Bartlettyarns Sportweight for my first sweater design, set to commence (self-imposed start date) in January 2012. Instead, I was free to look, touch, and take photos of things that my heart loved. It was weirdly freeing to quiet those inner IMUSTHAVETHISEVENTHOUGHIWONTUSEITFORALONGTIME thoughts. Instead I bought a spearmint plant, a tomato plant (Paul Robeson tomato, if you are curious), some excellent handcast pewter buttons with big sailing ships on them (to be used on a sweater on my knitting priorities list, so I’ll show them when that is finished), and an adorable teeshirt for myself and for a friend’s wee one. The day was gorgeous, and I got to meet up with some wonderful internet (flickr/blog/twitter) friends throughout the day.

I’m only had half a cup of coffee this morning, so here are some pictures to show off the fun in the sun at MDSW.

Oh Hello!

My favorite part of MDSW

The cutest

Yarn that I loved

Maryland Sheep and Wool

Maryland Sheep and Wool

Hanging out with the internet

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2011

4 Responses to “Maryland Sheep & Wool 2011”

  1. Bridget Says:

    I need to learn to take better pictures. Of course, that would mean I would also need to learn patience. Guess I should just knit instead, huh??

  2. JennaKate Says:

    Beautiful pictures! It sounds like it was an interesting experience to not buy yarn this year. Was there anything in particular motivating that choice this time? Looks like you had great weather and good company. Thanks for sharing!

    • Andrea Says:

      I have so much yarn in my stash, and still have yarn from MDSW from 2008 when I went last that I haven’t used yet, not to mention the yarn from Rhinebeck 2009 and Rhinebeck 2010 that hasn’t been used yet. So I felt a little yarn diet would be appropriate, for my stash and my wallet.

  3. Ann Says:

    I am going to have to try to get to the Md one and Rochester one. Nc has one but no where near as big as those to. Which could be good because I may of brought a rabbit home with me 😉

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