Food | Seitan Meatballs

May 16, 2011

We recently purchased a 50lb bag of Vital Wheat Gluten flour for seitan making. A decision to no longer keep tofu in the house has spawned us making more seitan as an addition to our meals. Kasy is a meat/dairy eater and I eat meat occasionally (only liking red meat, when I do opt to eat meat) but prefer to continue eating mostly vegan. We don’t buy meat (expensive!) and our dairy food purchases are low as well (also expensive!). Lucky for us, I like to cook and have a history of vegetarianism and veganism and can cook vegan easily and enjoyably. I love to experiment with vegan cooking! Our output of packaging from food products is very low as well, but there are still places that we can improve and not buying tofu regularly is part of that mission. Those plastic containers really stack up. We were getting our vital wheat gluten from the bulk bins at Whole Foods, but decided to bite the bullet and get our own bulk bag of it (we also buy dried beans, rice, and lentils in bulk).

In a mission to find some new recipes for seitan and other meaty substitutes using vital wheat gluten, I came across this excellent little youtube video for “Seitan Cheat Balls.” It’s delicious and has a great consistency, as meatballs or even hamburger patties.

Seitan "meatballs"

I followed the recipe, for the most part, adjusting the spices to match what we have in the kitchen (garlic powder, black pepper, kosher salt). I’m growing some basil in our backyard, so hopefully I can add some of that deliciousness to the mix soon.

Pasta with seitan meatballs and mushrooms

One of the first nights I made this for dinner, it was to go with simple pasta with tomato sauce, with mushrooms from Lancaster Farm Fresh. We also get our nutritional yeast from Lancaster Farm Fresh. If you’re local, or in their catchment area of deliveries, we highly suggest using them to support Lancaster farmers and get amazing products! If you’re looking to ease your way off of meat dishes, or want a new way to make a seitan product, I highly suggest this little tutorial. I’ve been making double batches of the recipe and baking patties to keep in the fridge for Kasy to make quick lunches in the morning, with great success. If we had a bbq grill, I’d be grilling them up as well this summer.

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  1. Bridget Says:

    Now I’m hungry.

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