Project Spectrum | RED | Yarn Giveaway

May 26, 2011

As I’ve previously mentioned, red is a hard color to find in my closet or stash. I did unearth some Koigu mill-ends that I thought would be nice to give away in honor of the month of RED for Project Spectrum.

Project Spectrum | Red | Yarn Giveaway

2 skeins of a rusty red Koigu (92 grams total)
1 skein of a red purpley Koigu (37 grams)

Enough to make a pair of socks with contrast toes and heels! A favorite of mine.

If you want to throw your hat in the ring for this yarn giveaway, leave a comment before 5pm Tuesday May 31, 2011. I’ll pick the winner on Wednesday June 1, 2011 by random number generator.

Is red not your thing? Not to worry, in June I’ll have more yarn from the stash to win, in the color GREEN. I have lots of greens!


41 Responses to “Project Spectrum | RED | Yarn Giveaway”

  1. Melissa A. Says:

    Fun! I assume since the site asks for an email in order to comment in the first place that we don’t need to leave our email in the comment box?

  2. maria Says:

    de-lurking! thanks for the chance to win – they’re gorgeous!!!

  3. lauren Says:

    Ohh how lovely of you to have a giveaway! That is a fantastic red you’ve got there. 😉

  4. rachellake Says:

    Awesome giveaway for project spectrum!
    I never say no to Koigu 🙂

  5. Nicole Says:

    What a lovely idea! I am really enjoying finding all these new (to me) blogs via Project Spectrum. Your photography is beautiful, and I really love your red Curatio!

  6. Belinda Says:

    I’m de-lurking because I love a giveaway! That’s a gorgeous red 🙂

  7. Mary de B Says:

    I saw this on the PS group on Ravelry! A great idea and the colours are fab!

  8. katebee Says:

    Oooh, lovely, spreading the red yarn around!

  9. Andi Says:

    Very pretty yarn…generous giveaway. I hope I’m the lucky winner!

  10. Holly Says:

    I’ve never had the chance to work with Koigu! It looks beautiful. Thanks for the give away.

  11. Stacie Says:

    Whoa, that rusty red is nice! So rich! Great giveaway 🙂

  12. Jen Says:

    Wow! What a generous giveaway this is! I’m stopping by from the Ravelry group! 🙂

  13. Christina Says:

    I love red and can’t keep it in my stash b/c I keep knitting it!! Thanks for a chance of winning more!

  14. melissa Says:

    love that red!

  15. lisa Says:

    Ooooooooh oooooooooooh I love crazy toes and heels!

  16. Jodi Says:

    Oh, what pretty yarn! I love your hexagon blanket, btw — I spotted it on ravelry.

  17. Barbara S. Says:

    Very pretty red yarn! Koigu isn’t a yarn either of my LYSs carry, so I wouldn’t turn it away if it fell in my mailbox.

  18. juliazahle Says:

    Love the colours! Have an idea ready for some socks, if I win. I need more socks!


  19. Hege Says:

    Beautiful yarn!! You’re right about them being great for a pair of socks 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  20. barefootrooster Says:

    ooooh — i am not a lover of red red, if that makes sense, but i love rusty adobe reds and oranges. gorgeous. happy long weekend to you!

  21. Ingrid Says:

    Pretty! I loves me some Koigu.

  22. Emily Says:

    Great idea! I’ve never knit with Koigu before, but I’ve heard all the raves about it!

  23. Megan Says:

    What beautiful colors. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Have a great extended weekend!

  24. Rachel Says:

    What fun! Koigu is one of my “grail” yarns. 😉

  25. Janet Says:

    ooooh ahhhh – thank you for offering a giveaway. Here’s hoping 🙂

  26. Carrie Says:

    Oh snap. I’m a sucker for Koigu 🙂

  27. fiona Says:

    I love the koigu!!!

  28. Melanie Says:

    What a great idea! Lovely colours 🙂

  29. Candice Says:

    Oh that red is gorgeous!

  30. tracey Says:

    Lovely red.

  31. Jenn Says:

    those would make such lovely socks!

  32. Marie Richardson Says:

    I stayed away from red when I was younger because that was a color my mother always wore, but these days I enjoy it very much!

  33. Dory Says:

    Love the yarn! Just found a hole in my favorite socks…my first thought is to knit new ones. And then darn.

  34. affiknity Says:

    Oh, I love reds and I love the yarn you are giving away. Thanks for the giveaway. Have a good day.

  35. Kathy Says:

    Cool! Thanks for the giveaway… lovely yarn.

  36. Debbie Says:

    So nice of you! Fun colors, too!

  37. Alexandra Says:

    I just found your lovely blog! The yarn is beautiful 🙂

  38. Debbie S Says:

    Lovely yarn! Thanks for the giveaway.

  39. Krystal Says:

    Red is totally my thing! I even tried to dye my own red yarn recently, though with less than stellar results :(.

  40. KnittinDiva Says:

    I’m so happy to see Project Spectrum in full swing again! Red is one of my favorite colors, and one that is not celebrated frequently. Thanks for offering such a nice give-a-way!

  41. Tina Says:

    That yarn looks good enough to eat! Thanks for the chance to win some. Cheers!

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