summersummersummer and camping!

August 13, 2011

Not my favorite season by any means, but the upside of summer is camping. I love being out of the city and in the woods. Last weekend, we went to Round Valley Reservoir in New Jersey for the wilderness camping on a waterfront. Kasy and I had camped here a few years ago, and we remembered how absolutely gorgeous it was:

50 | 365 : Watching the sunset

Watching the sunset

Waking on the water

Last time we had ridden our bikes there, during a 4 day bike trip around NJ. This time, we asked our two friends if they wanted to join us and so we drove up in their Prius. The campgrounds are a healthy hilly hike in (3.5-7 miles) and we were ready for swimming when we got to our site!

3.5 hilly hike to camp

Little rainshower

So we went for a good swim and started a fire. The rainstorms predicted for the weekend began to roll in, but the temperature was perfect. We made delicious food, drank some adult beverages, talked, and laughed. The rain came and went all evening, with heavier rain overnight. No worries, though. The trip was still amazing. In the morning, with the area so quiet and drying off from the night before, we had coffee down at the water’s edge and made breakfast before packing up and hiking back out. For us, non-car drivers and non-car campers, it was wonderful to still be able to use human power to get to our campsite. It made the space just a little sweeter.


This is how clear the water is

Skipping stones

This weekend

Morning at Round Valley Reservoir

Morning at Round Valley Reservoir

What are your favorite camping spots?

3 Responses to “summersummersummer and camping!”

  1. What a lovely trip! My favourite camp spot (not JUST because it’s free) is probably Cosy Corner ( – Beautiful beach, lush spot for the tent and miles from anywhere.

  2. Bridget Says:

    Looks lovely! My favorite camping spot is the Terra Nova Provincial Park in Newfoundland. Talk about out of the way!

  3. JennaKate Says:

    Sounds really nice! Great pictures. The water is so beautiful! Glad you survived the rain – worst part of camping.
    We have had good experiences at the municipal campground in Duluth, MN, right on the St. Louis Bay. Also, I’d recommend Lake Kincaid State Park in northern Kentucky, just a mile from the Kentucky Wool Fest. It’s in straight-up banjo country, but a beautiful campground!

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