First wool of the season

September 16, 2011

Last night, we heard on the radio that it would be a low of 48F. I had the back door open, and the house got wonderfully chilly. Wearing sandals on our back porch, last night at 9pm, made me so cold I actually shivered.

And so, a wool blanket was put on the bed. I realize that I’ve mentioned the making of this blanket in the past, and then never showed you how gorgeous the final product turned out!

Hexagon Blanket, part deux

I knew I wanted something scrappy, but lovely. This blanket started out using worsted weight odds and ends from my stash, and some amazingly donated by friends, following the general guidance in Nova‘s Ruby Hexagon Blanket. And so I crocheted and crocheted. And then put all the hexes aside for months at a time, picking it up every now and again.

friday morning

hexagons in progress

I edged all the hexes with Cascade 220 in a light stone gray color to unify them all. All the hexes were completed before single crocheting them together. My only rule was, no two color hexes would be joined together in a row. I wanted to make sure that it was scrappy enough without any big color blocks.

coming together

Once I got the bug in my brain to finish this guy, it went pretty quickly…as crochet does.

Help me choose an edge color

I auditioned a few edge colors, but ultimately decided on stashed Cascade 220 in Mallard (a heathery teal) that’s been in the stash since early 2008. It had been used for an attempted Wicked Sweater which I didn’t like as well as a vest that I abandoned halfway into it. So frogged and projectless, it was great to use it and free the stash from it.

And then it was done! And on the bed! And it looked great! And then summer came quickly, and it went into the linen closet for the next few months…

Crocheted hexagons

New bedroom, now with more hexagon

It’s a great weight, and a great size. I made 80 hexes in total and joined them at 8 across and 10 down.

The ravelry project page is here.

It’s cool again today and through the weekend, but I know that fall isn’t here yet. The weather is expected to get back up to the 80s next week. But I am already thinking of fall activities and have apple picking scheduled for next week.

Have a great weekend, friends!

P.S. I owe some of you commenters emails back. Getting to those this weekend.
P.P.S. The bike trailer blog post is in progress and coming soon. We haven’t forgotten!

11 Responses to “First wool of the season”

  1. cauchy09 Says:

    i’ll never not love this blanket. so perfectly scrappy and geometric. congrats!

  2. Hege Says:

    Beautiful blanket!

  3. Kara Says:

    What a stunner! I feel so cozy just looking at the pictures. I love the blue color you used to pull all the hexes together.

  4. LisaLisa Says:

    Wow– looks gorgeous. Great job on the blanket!

  5. Bridget Says:

    OMG this looks incredibly amazing! I have been wanting to see this all put together, since I was around for the making of so many hexagons. Great job, I hope it’s as cozy as it is pretty.

  6. Becky Says:

    Cozy and fantastic! I love it!

  7. s.e. Says:

    I don’t crochet but that is a gorgeous blanket!!!

  8. wow, andrea, this is amazing. (i also love measuring temperature by the number of blankets on the bed!) hooray for cool evenings.

  9. April Says:

    Fall is slowly approaching in my neck of the wood too. Wool hand knits socks are working their way into the daily rotation again.

    Such a beautiful blanket. I love the outer edge and the dark border.

  10. That is beautiful! Perfect color choice for the borders and edging. And because I am a gigantic nerd, I immediately began looking for where on the blanket my first settlement should go…

  11. Ellen Says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Thank you for your sock tutorials. Your afghan is lovely, but if you have leftover yarn, you could add some half hexagons all the way around. Here’s a link to the basic pattern:
    Just modify it to the hexagon pattern you used.
    take care,

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