Rhinebeck 2009

November 2, 2009

Hey there! A bit later then I wanted, but here’s a quick little post about Rhinebeck.

Last year, my mom and I went up to the NY State Sheep & Wool for the first time and loved it. This year, we wanted to go again, and again loved it.

267/365 - 2009 | headed to that magical place called Rhinebeck

The drive up from downstate NY was full of pretty leaves and listening to music, and we arrived at a decent time to the fairgrounds. It was a bit chillier then we anticipated, so the first stop was for hot chocolate, of course.

Rhinebeck 2009

Not wanting to miss a thing, we went into every barn and tried to peak in every stand. Of course a visit to the animals was made…

Rhinebeck 2009

Rhinebeck 2009

As we exited the first barn, I ran into Christi (of Knitting Pretty in DC), which was super exciting since she now lives in Philly but we hadn’t met up and hung out yet.

This was just the first of internet knitterly pals I would come across today.

I had a mission to meet up with Jesh for a quick Honeybee Cardigan test knit photograph. Thankfully, she obliged! And after seeing hers in person, I still want to make another one in black. It’s amazing how the color choice really changes the whole look and feel of the cardigan!

The Honeybees Meet

As I was leaving one of the barns, Danielle (of aswim in knits) saw me and made sure to say hi! It was great to finally meet her, Caro (of Splityarn), and Pam (of Flintknits), in person.

Hey gals!

After so much flickr’ing and tweeting to each other, it was a delight to see them for real. And to see that the Splityarn strap I had gifted my mom with for Christmas last year was indeed a popular choice.


We had a brief lunch, while watching the sheep dog trials* and made sure to check out the last few barns before heading back downstate. Whitney (of Whit Knits), another flickr/twitter friend, saw me walk by and caught up with me. I’m so glad she did, since I didn’t see her and would have been sad to not have met up (cell phone service was non existent for me, so her phone msg wasn’t listened to until I got back to New Rochelle). Silly me. I didn’t take a picture of us! I will say this, though, I want to knit a version of her Rhinebeck sweater. It is even more amazing in person!

There were so many more of my internet knitterly friends at Rhinebeck that I missed. I blame it on my shyness keeping me away from the Ravelry meet-up. Next year, friends. I will be there. *Pinky swear!*

Rhinebeck 2009

It was great fun to go again, and next year my mom and I will totally make a trip again.

*Oh. Want to know where all the rest of my photos are? Including the ones of the adorable sheep dogs? They are in computer heaven because of the google redirect virus, the misconception that if the computer and my hard drive tells me all my photos were moved off my computer onto the hard drive that it is the truth, and the need to wipe my harddrive and restore factory settings. Yes, there were tears. Lots of tears. Back up your files guys. Like 8 times. Cause sometimes that one time might be a lie.

Totally Rewarding

May 18, 2009

I just graduated!

I didn’t really want to take part in the graduation ceremony from Penn. I’m not big on pomp and these big celebrational things, but I promised my family that I would do it.

288 | 365 : I'm officially done! [127/365 - 2009]

O Hai. I just graduated from grad school!

And I did. And it was totally fun and a great way to mark the fact that…

I graduated from grad school yesterday, with a Master’s in Environmental Studies. It feels unreal to actually be finished with school, most likely, forever. Freedom never felt so good.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. And who better to think about – my Mom and my Amama.

Amama and Mom

Two of the most important people to me. What wonderful people they are. Love you!

a wee little update

March 5, 2009

YIP 2009 | 3.2.09

Howdy. It’s March. This year is going way too fast, but I am not sorry to see winter coming to a close. This might be the first year in my life that I am hating the cold. Hating it so much. And the ice? Oy. Let’s not even go there.

Maslenitsa Spread | smoked fish + caviar

This past weekend was my family’s annual Maslenitsa celebration, so back to New York I went. We laughed, we did a shot of vodka, we ate. Boy, did we eat.

YIP2009 | 3.1.09 (part 2) Maslenitsa meal

This is my favorite meal of the year, to be honest. Even though I do not eat meat and eat very little dairy, I do eat fish and love fish (yes yes, I know that makes me not a vegetarian, yadda yadda, let’s not get into the sticky details, ok?). My Amama made her russian blini and we ate it alongside smoked salmon, pickled herring, smoked capers, chives, chopped egg and caviar. Om nom nom, indeed. It was nice to get together with the family, in a non-commercial holiday way, and continue our heritage and traditions through yet another year. We only get together in total every so often, since we are spread over 3 different cities, in 2 different states.

While at my parents, I tried to get more done on my Minimalist Cardigan. You know, instead of writing for graduate school. I don’t know if it’s the endless moss stitch or if it’s the foggy mush my brain is lately, but this cardigan is slogging along. I do want to finish it, since the moss stitch texture in Rowan Felted Tweed is so fantastic, but it’s hard to keep focused on it for too long.

m i n i m a l i s t

At least I’m supplementing it with simple knitting, in the form of cowls and a shawl that is going round and round and round. FO shots soon. Now back to work!

Where did October go???

October 22, 2008

Well, I’m sure you are all tired of photos from everyone’s blogs chatting about Rhinebeck right?


On the way to Rhinbeck with Mom

Mom and I got up early on Saturday morning and drove up to Rhinebeck, NY. It was only a 2 hour drive from NYC suburbs, and not at all dull. The leaves haven’t peaked here in Philadelphia, nor have they in downstate NY by my parents. But man oh man. Upstate autumn leaves? Yes, Please! Amazingly gorgeous, and with the bright blue sky and the chilly breezes, the day was a perfect setting for the Sheep and Wool festival. (My grandmother bowed out of the trip, due to the cold weather and a flare up of arthritis. I fear getting arthritis when I’m old. I know it’s in my future…).

Both of us were a bit overwhelmed by the intense crowds at the fairgrounds. It was my first year going. Are the crowds always that big??? Maybe it was just cause it was so chilly that everyone huddled into the barns at the same time. Maybe Ravelry got more and more people going, who had never gone before. *shrug*

We watched the sheep dog competitions, and now I want a sheep dog….and a sheep, of course. Wandered through all the barns, touched lots of pretty things, and bumped into some of my mother’s colleagues from the publishing world.

I’ve been buying more yarn than usual over these past few months, and have mentally been chastising myself for any more. I knew, however, that I would be buying a little something for myself at Rhinebeck, because…well…it’s Rhinebeck. And I need to get some sort of souvenir yarn, right?

100% Icelandic Wool laceweightLopi ReynoldsTrekking Pro NaturaMy simple neckerchief

I came away with just 3 balls of yarn — 100% Icelandic laceweight, undyed; Lopi Reynolds bulky weight in blue; Trekking ProNatura wool/bamboo in blue — and a small bottle of wool wash.

My camera came home full of pictures of animals and leaves. I still need to upload most of them to my Rhinebeck Flickr Set

Oh, and I finished that little neckerchief and wore it for the day. It came in quite handy in keeping the chill off my neck, so there’s another plus about the day.

So going back next year. And my Mom wants to, also. Score!


In non Rhinebeck related blogging, I’m almost ready to post a photo tutorial for toe-up socks. The first version, which I am planning on posting on Friday October 24, 2008, will just be for the average sock. I need some lead time in knitting on my sample sock to take photos for the second half of the tutorial, which will talk about simple calf increases to make your toe-up sock a knee high, or thigh high, or whatever high you need done. I hope that works for all of you.

Oh, and by the way, did anyone else notice that we are 1.5 weeks away from November already? When the heck did that happen?!

This year will be my first Rhinebeck experience. The problem with not driving is that events like this become difficult to figure out transportation to and from. Luckily, my Mom and Grandmother wanted to come too, when I told them about it. We’ll be there on Saturday. Who, of you, will be there?

Who's goin' to Rhinebeck??

I’m knitting a little teal/brown neckerchief from my Fleece Artist BFL, bought for the Tempest cardigan many months ago. I’ll also have a Ravelry Hello my name is button on my bag (knittingbybicycle is my rav name, btw). If you see me, make sure to say hi! I’ll be the one trying to not spend a lot of money, since the yarn stash is big enough these days…

What I should do:

  • Find a birthday present for my dad
  • Clean up hard-drive on laptop and send computer to IBM to fix the speakers since they aren’t working right now (*sniff)
  • Take photos of stash and upload to Ravelry to try to destash and knit from stash
  • Finish draft blog post regarding camping trip, Brandywine River Museum, and Bike Freedom Valley
  • Laundry laundry laundry laundry
  • Visit family in New York
  • Put up shelves in bedroom

What I want to do

So, as I figure out how to balance my time between these lists, I leave you with this lovely image of my lovely cat, in her new pink “I’m allowed outside!” harness. It’s kind of hilarious.

To all the naysayers