a wee little update

March 5, 2009

YIP 2009 | 3.2.09

Howdy. It’s March. This year is going way too fast, but I am not sorry to see winter coming to a close. This might be the first year in my life that I am hating the cold. Hating it so much. And the ice? Oy. Let’s not even go there.

Maslenitsa Spread | smoked fish + caviar

This past weekend was my family’s annual Maslenitsa celebration, so back to New York I went. We laughed, we did a shot of vodka, we ate. Boy, did we eat.

YIP2009 | 3.1.09 (part 2) Maslenitsa meal

This is my favorite meal of the year, to be honest. Even though I do not eat meat and eat very little dairy, I do eat fish and love fish (yes yes, I know that makes me not a vegetarian, yadda yadda, let’s not get into the sticky details, ok?). My Amama made her russian blini and we ate it alongside smoked salmon, pickled herring, smoked capers, chives, chopped egg and caviar. Om nom nom, indeed. It was nice to get together with the family, in a non-commercial holiday way, and continue our heritage and traditions through yet another year. We only get together in total every so often, since we are spread over 3 different cities, in 2 different states.

While at my parents, I tried to get more done on my Minimalist Cardigan. You know, instead of writing for graduate school. I don’t know if it’s the endless moss stitch or if it’s the foggy mush my brain is lately, but this cardigan is slogging along. I do want to finish it, since the moss stitch texture in Rowan Felted Tweed is so fantastic, but it’s hard to keep focused on it for too long.

m i n i m a l i s t

At least I’m supplementing it with simple knitting, in the form of cowls and a shawl that is going round and round and round. FO shots soon. Now back to work!

Sick sick sick

February 28, 2008

Philadelphia is beyond frigid this morning. I had to bike through the biting wind to get to the doctor’s office. No strep throat. No tonsilitis. Apparently my tonsils are swollen because of a virus. So, I returned to my house, my cat, and my couch, with some Soy Delicious Vanilla ice cream (it’s medicinal) to watch more Law and Order and knit. I had gotten to the first sleave of my Two-Toned Shrug only to find that Kasy and I measured myself incorrectly and the sweater I was making would fit an enormous person…which I am not. So I rip rip rip and start again. I think I’m ready for seconds on my ice cream.

This is what sick looks like

Summer pasta salads

May 24, 2007

Pasta salads are one of my absolute favorites. Uses scraps of food, instead of letting them waste. It’s light, yet filling. And just so dang tasty!

Pasta salad