So, a few posts back, I mentioned that there was another test knit completed this summer. Silly me, I forgot to tell you all about it!

226/365 - 2009 | lunch time knitting

By mid-summer, I had agreed to test knit a rectangular version of the popular Ulmus Shawl by Kirsten at Through the Loops. She picked the color scheme, and I have to say…I love what she chose for the scarf!

YIP 2009 | 8.23.09

Using 2 skeins of Koigu KPPPM and 2 skeins of Spud and Chloe Fine, I knit the medium size in the pattern, using almost the entirety of each skein.

FO 2009 | Rectangular Ulmus, test knit

I absolutely loved knitting this. It’s easy but keeps you interested, especially with the changing color of the Koigu. The end charts are a delight, and work up so fast. It really is a lovely knit. I had planned on keeping it for myself, afterwards, but even though I love it very much, I found myself not really wearing it. I’m more of a triangular scarf person, then rectangular.

FO 2009 | Rectangular Ulmus, test knit

Lucky for me, I have many enthusiastic friends. I gifted this to my high school best friend, Laura, over Thanksgiving weekend. She loves it as much as I do, and I know it will get a lot of wear out of her.

Now my brother is requesting one, in a palette of blues. Guess I get to knit another one! No complaints here!

The details:
Needles: US 5 / 3.75 mm
Yarn: Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) (colorway: p621) & Spud & Chloë Fine (colorway: orange)
Yardage: 2 skeins of Koigu (350 yds) and 2 skeins of Spud & Chloë Fine (496 yds)
Mods: none


Rhinebeck 2009

November 2, 2009

Hey there! A bit later then I wanted, but here’s a quick little post about Rhinebeck.

Last year, my mom and I went up to the NY State Sheep & Wool for the first time and loved it. This year, we wanted to go again, and again loved it.

267/365 - 2009 | headed to that magical place called Rhinebeck

The drive up from downstate NY was full of pretty leaves and listening to music, and we arrived at a decent time to the fairgrounds. It was a bit chillier then we anticipated, so the first stop was for hot chocolate, of course.

Rhinebeck 2009

Not wanting to miss a thing, we went into every barn and tried to peak in every stand. Of course a visit to the animals was made…

Rhinebeck 2009

Rhinebeck 2009

As we exited the first barn, I ran into Christi (of Knitting Pretty in DC), which was super exciting since she now lives in Philly but we hadn’t met up and hung out yet.

This was just the first of internet knitterly pals I would come across today.

I had a mission to meet up with Jesh for a quick Honeybee Cardigan test knit photograph. Thankfully, she obliged! And after seeing hers in person, I still want to make another one in black. It’s amazing how the color choice really changes the whole look and feel of the cardigan!

The Honeybees Meet

As I was leaving one of the barns, Danielle (of aswim in knits) saw me and made sure to say hi! It was great to finally meet her, Caro (of Splityarn), and Pam (of Flintknits), in person.

Hey gals!

After so much flickr’ing and tweeting to each other, it was a delight to see them for real. And to see that the Splityarn strap I had gifted my mom with for Christmas last year was indeed a popular choice.


We had a brief lunch, while watching the sheep dog trials* and made sure to check out the last few barns before heading back downstate. Whitney (of Whit Knits), another flickr/twitter friend, saw me walk by and caught up with me. I’m so glad she did, since I didn’t see her and would have been sad to not have met up (cell phone service was non existent for me, so her phone msg wasn’t listened to until I got back to New Rochelle). Silly me. I didn’t take a picture of us! I will say this, though, I want to knit a version of her Rhinebeck sweater. It is even more amazing in person!

There were so many more of my internet knitterly friends at Rhinebeck that I missed. I blame it on my shyness keeping me away from the Ravelry meet-up. Next year, friends. I will be there. *Pinky swear!*

Rhinebeck 2009

It was great fun to go again, and next year my mom and I will totally make a trip again.

*Oh. Want to know where all the rest of my photos are? Including the ones of the adorable sheep dogs? They are in computer heaven because of the google redirect virus, the misconception that if the computer and my hard drive tells me all my photos were moved off my computer onto the hard drive that it is the truth, and the need to wipe my harddrive and restore factory settings. Yes, there were tears. Lots of tears. Back up your files guys. Like 8 times. Cause sometimes that one time might be a lie.

Wow. This year is just flying by, isn’t it?

Things have been humming along, here at chez Knitting by Bicycle.

Philadelphia almost closed the libraries and other essential services, in a rather anxious budget mess that was thankfully resolved at the 11th hour.

• Summer came to an abrupt close, ushering in changing leaves and crisper air.

YIP 2009 | 9.14.09

• Philadelphia had its first Naked Bike Ride

YIP 2009 | 9.6.09
[yes, I know this isn’t of naked people OR of bikes, but hey. I respect all those who rode and I don’t want to plaster them on the internet without consent.]

• Kasy’s daughter turned the mighty age of 18. An apple pie was baked in her honor and a Silk kerchief scarf was knit and gifted.

YIP 2009 | 9.25.09

Helen's birthday present

[details on Ravelry. In short, 1 skein of Noro Kureyon Sock + 1 skein of some label-less navy blue merino sock yarn + Kate’s awesome instructions]

• A silly trip to Linvilla Orchards, on our scooter, on a drizzly Saturday, to get some apples and have some fun.

250/365 | Kasy's nightmare

YIP 2009 | 9.27.09

• And the beginning of a month long adventure of socks. My main focus on socks, this month, will be to finally finish my Through the Loops Mystery Socks from 2008 as well as to cast on and complete the Mystery Socks of 2009. Join us, over in the Socktoberfest group and the Fans of Through the Loops group, both on Ravelry.

Oh. And I biked 150 miles for MS this past weekend. And Rhinebeck is very, very, very soon. Gosh, I love this month!

FO 2009: Felicity Hat

May 15, 2009

Back in March, when I took my thesis research trip to Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia, I brought some knitting with me, and promptly finished it (still haven’t blocked it, but when I do I will reveal it). I didn’t have much down time in Pittsburgh, sadly, but I had a lot while in Morgantown, West Virginia. After a couple of posts in the Morgantown Knitters group on Ravelry, learning the great spots to eat in town (Black Bear Burritos) and find yarn (The Needlecraft Barn).

The Needlecraft Barn

I went to a meeting at West Virginia University, and stopped off at this cute little shop on the way back. The front window was filled with fiber in shades of green, for St. Patrick’s Day, and the inside was bursting with amazing needlepointing, embroidery, and knitting/crocheting goods. Lots of great things to look at and consider purchasing. I hemmed and hawed, knowing that I only wanted 1 skein since I have so much yarn in my stash already.

235 | 365 : gggrrrrRAWRrrrrr [76/365 - 2009]

I ended up with a skein on Araucania Nature Wool Solids in a dark, mottled green. Gorgeous color. My first go with this yarn, and I totally loved it. It’s sturdy but not rough. Perfect for a Felicity Hat (the pdf is in the side bar of the Knitology page), which I’ve been meaning to make for a long time.

FO: Felicity Hat

Probably picked the colorway because it reminded me of all the lovely mossy trees I saw on the WVU campus —

Project Spectrum Inspiration for North

Anyways, the hat pattern + the yarn choice = perfect. I had a size 8 circular with me, and about 7 hours later, I had a hat! Easy as pie pattern, written wonderfully. Only changes I made: longer section before the crown decreases, to make it big and slouchy, and a couple of rows of garter along the edge, instead of 1 row of purl, hoping that the edge wouldn’t curl. It still does, but not as much as it would have without the mod, I believe.

253 | 365 : Just another day [95/365 - 2009]

Ended up wearing it for the rest of the cold days in Philadelphia, instead of my Thorpe (not that my love has changed for my Thorpe, of course).

Needle: Size 8 circular
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Solids
Yardage: less than a full skein (approx 200 yds)
Cast on: March 17, 2009
Cast off: March 17, 2009 (took 7 hours from start to weaving in ends)
Mods: longer section before crown decreases; 4 rows of garter stitch on edging
Ravelry Project page

Literally pages and a proof away from being finished, with both my final paper for class and my Master’s thesis. It gets harder and harder to concentrate.

This is what I’d rather be doing:

My touring bike

50 | 365 : Watching the sunset

Late lunch

85 | 365 : Being a knitter = love (1,000,000)

Upcoming Contest

March 6, 2009

I’m ready to finally finish up my Ishbel shawl, which has been sitting idly by on Chart B. I’ll have a spare skein of Malabrigo Lace in Sealing Wax, already wound in a center pull ball ready to be knit.

Stay tuned. I plan on having a contest when Ishbel is finished and the winner gets this free skein. Woooo!

a wee little update

March 5, 2009

YIP 2009 | 3.2.09

Howdy. It’s March. This year is going way too fast, but I am not sorry to see winter coming to a close. This might be the first year in my life that I am hating the cold. Hating it so much. And the ice? Oy. Let’s not even go there.

Maslenitsa Spread | smoked fish + caviar

This past weekend was my family’s annual Maslenitsa celebration, so back to New York I went. We laughed, we did a shot of vodka, we ate. Boy, did we eat.

YIP2009 | 3.1.09 (part 2) Maslenitsa meal

This is my favorite meal of the year, to be honest. Even though I do not eat meat and eat very little dairy, I do eat fish and love fish (yes yes, I know that makes me not a vegetarian, yadda yadda, let’s not get into the sticky details, ok?). My Amama made her russian blini and we ate it alongside smoked salmon, pickled herring, smoked capers, chives, chopped egg and caviar. Om nom nom, indeed. It was nice to get together with the family, in a non-commercial holiday way, and continue our heritage and traditions through yet another year. We only get together in total every so often, since we are spread over 3 different cities, in 2 different states.

While at my parents, I tried to get more done on my Minimalist Cardigan. You know, instead of writing for graduate school. I don’t know if it’s the endless moss stitch or if it’s the foggy mush my brain is lately, but this cardigan is slogging along. I do want to finish it, since the moss stitch texture in Rowan Felted Tweed is so fantastic, but it’s hard to keep focused on it for too long.

m i n i m a l i s t

At least I’m supplementing it with simple knitting, in the form of cowls and a shawl that is going round and round and round. FO shots soon. Now back to work!


February 15, 2009

I spent time with my two valentines yesterday – one human and one feline. It was a lazy day with a lot of knitting, tea drinking, chatting and a tad bit of renovation work in the bathroom.

Valentine #2

As expected, neither the Ishbel or Minimalist Cardigan were worked on. Drats to my bad habits of casting on to new things without finishing current things. Anyways. I’ve been knitting away on a Vortex Shawl with Sundara’s Fingering Silky Merino in Caramel Apple. This was the Season’s shipment for the fall and when I saw it I loved it! Talk on the Ravelry boards make me think that I might be one of the few who loved this colorway. Loved it so much that I bought a second skein, specifically to make this.

Caramel Apple Swirl
deets on ravelry

I’m still working along with skein number one, which is good since the second skein has not been shipped out yet. I wonder how long the diameter will be, with 1000 yards of yarn. All I know is that Fingering Silky Merino is so soft, so luxurious, so snuggle-worthy. I can’t wait to wrap this big circle around me in the Spring.

How is your weekend going?

Oh, February.

February 2, 2009

Wow, this first month just ran by, didn’t it? It’s already February, when it felt like New Year’s Day was last week.

January was a whirlwind of working, thesis research, knitting, and stressing over my last semester in graduate school.

YIP 2009 | 1.27.09 | Oh, Ben.

We had a brief dusting of snow, towards mid-month, which was just a big ole tease. Winter this year is a loser! Everyone else seems to be getting snow upon snow, yet Philadelphia is getting the short end of the stick.

YIP 2009 | 1.28.08 | Happy Bokeh Wednesday!

And by stick, I’m referring to the ice covered ones from the “snow storm” we apparently had. I think they meant to say “snow that is soon covered in lots of ice storm.”

And so it goes, January has come and gone. I’ve been continuing to knit when I should be writing, but hopefully I’ll get myself in gear to switch that around.

Ishbel is now in the lace knitting stage, which has caused it to stall some, since it isn’t easy to read charts while watching a movie or reading journal articles. My goal is to get it finished by Valentine’s Day. It’s a gorgeous red, so it seems fitting.

Ishbel WIP

I also cast-on for a pair of Charade socks. I was originally using Opal cotton for a pair of toe-up socks but they started really bad pooling/spiraling that I knew I would hate, so off the needles they came. Instead, I decided to try a different sock yarn that my Dad brought back for me from Germany. Of course, I lost the ballband and so I’m guesstimating that it’s Wolle Rödel Sport & Strumpfwolle Seide – Color.


The orange is great and I like the little patches of black lines that pop up. The Charade pattern is a nice way to dress them up a bit, without becoming overwhelmed by color or overwhelming the color. These are my thesis socks. Over the weekend I alternated a few rows of this with reading a few journal articles.

In March I’ll be headed to Pittsburgh for a few days to do research for my thesis. Any good yarn stores that I should check out??

Keeping Busy

January 27, 2009

Philadelphia is in frigid temperatures. My final semester of graduate school has begun. Work is chugging away. January really stinks.

I think that most people really feel the blues during this month. It’s cold. The winter seems like it’ll never end. In the office world, there is no paid holidays until May. I’m in no man’s land. I’m treading water. I’m burnt.

At least I’m keeping my knitting progress up! I finished a couple things, one being a Christmas present and one being for me. They just need to have ends woven and blocking action before I can fully photograph them in their glory.

Until then, here’s some works in progress for you–

Ysolda recently started publishing a collection of works. I loved the items she was coming up with, but didn’t feel the real big pull to purchase the collection. At least not until I saw Ishbel. I really love the look of this pattern, so I dove right in. Bought the collection. Cast on with Malabrigo Lace in Sealing Wax that I got from Turtlegirl76 during her destash sale last year.


The shawl is really flying off the needles. I’m almost done with the stockinette section and will be onto the lace portion by tonight. Unfortunately, this lovely, soft, shawl is taking me away from my NaKniSweMoDo January 2009 sweater that I was so determined to finish before the end of the month.

Minimalist Cardigan

I’m about 6 inches in on the back of a Minimalist Cardigan from Interweave Knits Fall 2007, in Rowan Felted Tweed (colorway: herb). I bought the yarn from another raveler’s destash, planning to make the ever popular Tangled Yoke Cardigan from the same Interweave issue, but I worried that my yardage wouldn’t be enough. It seems as though everyone had issues with pulling between the buttons and to avoid it I would knit 1 size larger. Of course, when buying yarn I didn’t think of this so only purchased enough for my actual size. Oh well. Lucky for me, I found another pattern that I’ve wanted to make for awhile. I have some Jo Sharp tweed sitting in the yarn closet that should be perfect for the Tangled Yoke.

Now, if only I could use my knitting energy to work on my thesis. Reading the pile of journal articles on my desk is just not as appealing. You know?