Quick hello!

April 13, 2010

Loving the possibility of the future

Just popping in to say a quick Hi! to you all! Things are a whirlwind of crazy over here as I finish one job and move on to a new one, in the environmental sector. I’ve been so busy finishing up oldjob tasks and learning about newjob projects, but that hasn’t stopped me from finishing some projects and starting some new ones. As always, a more current update on knitting and crochet are on ravelry, but here are a couple shots of 2 things that are currently being knit and crochet for sanity sake during all my life changes.

A top-down raglan cardigan, striping Cascade 220 in gray with Madelinetosh DK (new name for her worsted weight wool) from the Magnolia Society a few years back (colorway is Carmine, I believe). I just split off the arms from the body this morning.

Hexagon Blanket, part deux
Coming to terms with the fact that my tiny hexagon scrap blanket would take eternity to finish, I finished it off at the size it was (more of a throw rug…which is what it will be used for in my studio space) and started a different kind of hexagon blanket. This time using Nova’s Ruby Hexagon Blanket pattern, a palette of blues/greens/browns from the worsted scraps, and edging in a light gray Cascade 220 (not pictured).

So for now, I am keeping busy, busy, busy, counting down to April 21st and looking forward to the unknown future and where it takes me. I’ll be back in a week or so with some FO news. Until then, more knitting, crocheting, workworkwork, working on decluttering the house and continuing momentum on renovating our lovely home, and hanging out with Lolly when she is in Philly!

You know what, friends? Life is pretty great.

Crochet attack

January 20, 2010

After seeing so many of my knitterly friends start big granny square blankets, the call of the hook arrived for me. Knowing that a large granny square would never get done (I’ve made one before, gifted to my brother for Christmas a few years back. It took forever, since I found it very boring), I started thinking of a good stash busting crochet project I could do.

Enter the worsted weight hexagon scrap blanket:

hexagon in progress

I’m loving every moment of it! I’m using the directions found here, but you should really check out all the lovelies that others have made on Ravelry.


Groundhog preparations…

January 11, 2010

I love Groundhog Day. The movie. The day. The hilarity of how everyone really cares if a groundhog “sees” its shadow. How barely anyone remembers if a shadow means more winter or less. The whole thing is great, in my mind.

Last year, I embarrassed my sweet cat, and myself, with this little ditty on Flickr, celebrating the great February day —

191 | 365 : Happy Groundhog day! [33/365 - 2009]

This year, I’m joining on on the Groundhog-along that PlanetJune started.

Are you in?

Info is here: Groundhog-along 2010

And there’s a Ravelry group for it as well. Come over and join us!