Hi there! So the temperatures have been hitting high around here, and we’ve been working hard on the house. When we finished the kitchen we moved our work straight upstairs to start on our bedroom. Knowing that the room would be finished quick, since any construction was already completed in it months ago (new closet added), this was an instant gratification job.

And boy…does it feel good.

A few years ago, we wanted to find a good blue for the bedroom that would have the same qualities of the dark green on the first floor. Being somewhat muted and heathery. We picked a color and went with it.

YIP 2009 | 11/365 | Corners of my home

And did not get what the paint chip showed we would get. This was 2 coats of the blue, and there was still ghosting. A third coat would have made our room almost pitch black! So we picked a lighter blue, which also turned out to be a horrible choice. And then we gave up for a little bit, living with a patchwork blue room that was so utterly dark and not at all what we wanted.

Next up? Bedroom. Repainting + Reflooring

We moved our things out of the bedroom, which was easy since our bedroom furniture consists of a bed, a bedside table, a chair, and a lamp. We got rid of our dressers a year or so ago, when Kasy built me a closet of my very own. Our work in the bedroom consisted of scraping, spackling, sanding, repainting, and reflooring. Here are some before shots.

Next up? Bedroom. Repainting + Reflooring

Next up? Bedroom. Repainting + Reflooring

We decided to stick with the gorgeous light blue that was used in the kitchen (Behr’s Tropical Breeze), and painted the ceiling cream as we’ve been doing in all our rooms as we renovate, to maximize light flow in our dark dark house.

Master Bedroom

Then we added in the flooring. Ok. Let’s be honest. Kasy did the entire reflooring job, while I was at Maryland Sheep and Wool. What a good man.

After the floors were put in

Moved our stuff back in…and have never been happier with this room! It is so peaceful. So serene. It stays so nice and light even when dark outside. It’s beautiful in the early light of early morning.

Master Bedroom! Finished!

The futon isn’t staying, by the way. We’ve moved our work onto Kasy’s daughter’s bedroom and needed to put her bed somewhere during that time. So for now, we have a little couch. Or thing that I put my clothes on instead of putting them away. Which ever.


So the other thing I’ve been working on is the last of my 3 remaining items on my knitting short list. I have all 3 started and all 3 underway. This is a sneak peak of some very gorgeous woolly knitting going on over here.


It’s the Acer cardigan in Green Mountain Spinnery yarn (Maine Organic in light gray and Wonderfully Woolly in Pine Warbler for the edging).

Stay tuned tomorrow, I’ll be posted a quick little yarn giveaway in the theme of RED for Project Spectrum.

Like I mentioned previously, I’m working on some knitting projects that are bright red. The first of those projects were knee socks for Kasy and have since been finished. It’s been warm and rainy here, so not the best weather to have him model them. Soon. Soon. They are awesome.

The other of the two bright red projects is this sweater, for my mother.

WIP for my Mom

An Idlewood of her very own, in the same exact yarn as mine. That’s what she asked for, so that is what she’s getting. Luckily, I was able to score 8 skeins of the yarn from someone’s destash on Ravelry. You might recall, during my love song post to Rowanspun Aran, that I’ve mentioned the sad fact that this yarn is discontinued.

WIP for my Mom

I’m currently increasing for the arms, and hope to split them off soon to get moving on the body. Like my version, this sweater is to be worn with an inch or two of positive ease with minimal waist shaping and hit at a tunic length. Not sure on the sleeve length for this sweater yet, but my mom knows she has a bit of time before making that decision.

The FINISHED Kitchen

May 15, 2011

I posted a little while back about the progress we were making on the kitchen. And then we finished the kitchen….and I didn’t tell you about it. It was 92% done, and we wanted to finish up some of the little things around the room before taking the glamor shots for flickr and the blog. Sorry for the lag…but here it is, in all its glory!

Our finished kitchen

Our finished kitchen

Our finished kitchen

Our finished kitchen

Our finished kitchen

Some details: The not built in kitchen furniture is from IKEA. The gorgeous photo on the wall was a gift from my high school best friend (also a talented photographer) and her very talented photographer husband, Joseph Ruggeri. The paint is Behr’s Tropical Breeze. The lights are all from Home Depot.

We love this room so very much. As always, all the home renovation photos are kept in this flickr set.

Now that a week has passed, and I’ve somewhat caught up on the to-do list these past few days, I have a few quiet moments to share some photos from Maryland Sheep and Wool. Seems to be a theme, since Bridget just blogged about it too.

Last Saturday morning, we shepherded Philly knitters to and from MDSW on the annual bus ride from Rosie’s Yarn Cellar. It was early for most, but we had coffee and raffle prizes. The buses were abuzz with chatting and the clicking of needles.

Arriving at the fairgrounds mid-morning, the buses unleashed us on the festival. My goals this year were to not buy yarn. I followed that. It was so hard, as I was originally toying with the idea of getting some Bartlettyarns Sportweight for my first sweater design, set to commence (self-imposed start date) in January 2012. Instead, I was free to look, touch, and take photos of things that my heart loved. It was weirdly freeing to quiet those inner IMUSTHAVETHISEVENTHOUGHIWONTUSEITFORALONGTIME thoughts. Instead I bought a spearmint plant, a tomato plant (Paul Robeson tomato, if you are curious), some excellent handcast pewter buttons with big sailing ships on them (to be used on a sweater on my knitting priorities list, so I’ll show them when that is finished), and an adorable teeshirt for myself and for a friend’s wee one. The day was gorgeous, and I got to meet up with some wonderful internet (flickr/blog/twitter) friends throughout the day.

I’m only had half a cup of coffee this morning, so here are some pictures to show off the fun in the sun at MDSW.

Oh Hello!

My favorite part of MDSW

The cutest

Yarn that I loved

Maryland Sheep and Wool

Maryland Sheep and Wool

Hanging out with the internet

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2011

Lolly has started up another round of Project Spectrum, and I’m so glad she did. I’ve enjoyed PS in the past but have never participated in the way that I want to. This time round, I hope to change all that.

May is the color RED, so I took the time a few days ago to look at the red items in my life right now. Once upon a time, when I was 8, red was my favorite color. Not sure why or why it changed, but red has not been a prominent color in my life since. I gravitate towards the blues, greens, grays, browns, oranges, yellows, and pinks. Even sometimes purple, if the purple is right. Red is a rare color for me, yet I’m currently working on 2 knitting projects that are bright red…and I’m enjoying it!



Since May is also the month of Macro May, these shots serve double duty. It’s interesting to see how much more I’m noticing the color red, now that the month is “dedicated” to it. That Lolly. She sneaks into your brain.

Project Spectrum 2011 | Red

Even a photo of my dear friend Maura fits into the red category. Well, technically pink but with the spotlight it really showed up as a red on my camera. (This is from the circus show I mentioned last post. She is pretty amazing.)

My friends are pretty cool

Since I am still finding that my yarn, fabric, and fiber stashes are all overwhelmingly large, I thought that I would do a Project Spectrum themed giveaway this year. Each month, an offering or two will be put up to win, in the color being celebrated. Finding red yarn in my stash is proving difficult, but check back next post. I think I have a nice little something something that could be yours. I’ll be doing the standard random number generated winner from comments, but will detail all of that when I show you the red giveaway.

In the meantime, I need to tidy my house and bake some cookies. Headed to Maryland Sheep and Wool tomorrow morning, shepherding the Philly knitters on the Rosie’s Yarn Cellar annual bus trip. I hope to see many people there, this year, including Ms. Project Spectrum herself. If you see me at MDSW, don’t be shy! Say hi! I’d love to meet you! Oh, I cut my hair, so this is what I look like these days.

New Spring 'do

The first of many

May 1, 2011

Recently attended a bridal shower for a good friend and was not quite sure what to bring as an appropriate gift. Weddings are tough, gift-wise, for me. I do not have a lot of money nor do I want to merely pick something off of a list of pre-picked things. I’m even less interested in gifting something not on the pre-picked list that is bound to not be wanted or desired by the recipient. Basically, I like to think a lot about the giftee and what could be made lovingly and received lovingly.

I think I hit the nail on the head with this gift. Our friends are getting married this summer and have a great aesthetic in terms of fashion, home decor, and life. In addition, the bride-to-be is super crafty and appreciates all things well DIY’d.

Bridal Shower gift

I picked out some fun, bright cotton charm pack squares sitting in the stash and got to quilting a couple of potholders. Originally, this was to be a set of 3, but the third potholder was with fabrics that didn’t match these two as much…and I screwed up on the binding on that one so back into the WIP basket it went.

Frontside of 2 quilted potholders

I had some cotton quilt batting sitting around and was unsure of how to use it, since it was crib dimensions and I am child-free. It was great to be able to cut off some of it to use here. I know I’ll be using the rest of that batting to make many more potholders. Some for us. Some for other people. They are just so fun! And a great quick gift.

Backside of 2 quilted potholders

I used a solid fabric for the back, as opposed to having a patchwork on both sides. Since I have never actually finished a quilt (please ignore those 4 quilt tops sitting in my office awaiting their completion), this was the first time I was able to sandwich the thing together, pin, chalk, and machine quilt. I was a bit nervous but followed the guidance on Oh Fransson! and was off! I pieced the tops of each so quick, since they are a simple 4 patch. They were received well and I am so pleased!

Happy May, everyone!

Hey friends. Just popping in real quick to let you know that Gudrun Johnston, the Shetland Trader, is headed to Philly tonight.

She’ll be at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar tomorrow, Saturday April 16, 11am-5:30pm, for a book signing and trunk show. If you are local enough to come by, you should! Her designs are gorgeous and she’s a really awesome person!

Hey Philly-Area Knitters! Come meet The Shetland Trader on 4/16/11