I am proud to know handcrafters who push the boundaries of what is safe and acceptable in modern society. Crafting is an art and has a meaning behind it, and sometimes that meaning is not always beautiful. The beauty comes from examining those meanings and emotions, and evolving.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the guest post on Whipup by my lovely friend C, please do. And share your voice. The whole point is for us to talk about what language means to us.

I am proud of what she has started. I am proud to have a strong, thoughtful, and talented woman as a friend.

Edited to add: the guest post features NSFW language.

Holiday preparations

December 13, 2011

The cold has finally arrived in Philadelphia! It’s been a really mild late autumn, but now it feels like December. For this cold weather fan, this is greatly welcome. 


I’m still so behind in photos to Flickr and posts here, but after the busy work months of October and November the holiday preparations immediately began. I also like the brief internet hiatus I was on, so I’m easing my way back in.

For the time being, Kasy and I are preparing the house for a lazy, food filled, warm and cozy holiday. Presents are being wrapped. Some knits that I worked on during shifts at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar this summer were slated as gifts and are being soaked and blocked. Food has been purchased and wool blankets are snuggled under at night.


holiday preparations

holiday preparations

holiday preparations

I still have the annual tree to make and some baking to get done. Not to mention, a few gifts that require some time in front of my sewing machine. All in all, this winter is going to be excellent.

Let’s talk babies…

November 11, 2011

No not me. Sorry, Mom and Dad.

But everyone else I know! I am at the age where all my friends are pregnant. It’s crazy to turn around and learn about more and more mini-friends that are being created. So it gets my needles clicking. I’m not one who is interested in having my own children, much to my father and grandmother’s dismay**.

Now, as someone who likes to knit for others and likes to spread the love of wool, knitting for babies is kind of perfect. Not to mention..how stinkin’ cute are tiny baby knits?! Don’t get me wrong, the temptation is always there to put one on my cat. I’ve resisting every time…sadly.

So here’s the first in a parade of wee wooly knits for new humans entering into this crazy world.

Baby sweater for Baillie

The Offset Wraplan. So so cute! This was made for a, now born, baby in the Pacific Northwest. The first child to Kasy’s close friend Aaron, and wife Sharon. I worked on this in the woods in Northern NJ, while camping at Round Valley Reservoir, so I hope that it is full of good love-of-the-outdoors-and-camping juju for the baby! Since PNW can get cloudy and chilly, I thought that a bright sophisticated purple wool sweater would fit the bill.

The pattern is fab. Super easy, with adorable results. I knit this in a worsted weight, on size 6 needles, following the numbers for the 6-9mo size. The finished sweater is more of the 9-12 mo size. Perfect. Perfect.

And speaking of perfect…how great are these buttons?

Baby sweater for Baillie

As the baby’s dad, Aaron, is a boat-man (as Kasy is) and still owns a sailboat, these cute buttons were a fun choice.

Offset Wraplan
Size 6 needles
Plymouth Yarn Worsted Merino Superwash Solids (1.5 skeins)
Colorway 15
rav project page

** I like to think that my parents and grandmother must think that I am the favorite child, if they want me to procreate so badly. How “middle child” is that logic?!

Apple picking by bicycle

September 25, 2011

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my crocheted blanket! I tried responding but kept having issues where my reply would reply on my blog and not to your emails. Oy, sometimes technology fails me. So, if you didn’t get an email reply I apologize!

I’m running around this morning, gathering up odds and ends to visit my parents for a couple of days in NY. Here are some lovely photos from a recent trip I took with a friend to go apple picking. We took the train, with our bikes, and rode from the station to the farm. Sadly, it seemed as though the rest of the city had picked the apples before us, but we made the best of it. Next picking trip, we’re going to grab a couple more of our friends and ride out to a different farm. Until then, these apples will have to do…

Apple picking on a Wednesday

Apple picking on a Wednesday

Apple picking on a Wednesday

Apple picking on a Wednesday


Are you doing any picking this fall?

After a storm, new life

August 29, 2011

First and foremost, thank you for the birthday wishes! 29 is turning out to be pretty great so far.

In other news, Hurricane Irene came through here and left Philly with a flooding river. Other than that, we got out unscathed. We bundled down in South Philly armed with delicious food, knitting, the humor of Louis C.K., and crosswords (for me).

On Sunday morning, Kasy and I rode up to the banks of the Schuylkill River to see the flooding. These were taken at 9:30am and the waters rose even higher later in the day. I know that we’re lucky to not have any damage to our persons or our home and my heart goes out to those who are still dealing with damage, major flooding, injury, and the sad loss of loved ones. While the storm may have seemed like hype to a lot of people (myself included, as I pshawed the warnings expecting nothing more than the rain we did receive) it really did reek havoc in many communities and we are lucky it did not cause more damage and sadness than it did.

Hurricane Irene aftermath - Sunday 8/28/11 9:30am

Hurricane Irene aftermath - Sunday 8/28/11 9:30am

Hurricane Irene aftermath - Sunday 8/28/11 9:30am

Hurricane Irene aftermath - Sunday 8/28/11 9:30am

As parts of the city are still recuperating, we continued on with our home renovations today. I had scheduled some debris haulers to come in and remove demolition waste from the tear down of the back room (where the kitchen used to be). We’re going to be building a pretty excellent back porch in its place. Our trusty haulers came out and upon removing the ply-wood board we had covering the crumbling Sheetrock pile, they discovered a newborn kitten snuggled into the pile of debris. Now, I’ve had animals in my life every since I was a wee one, but this is by far the scariest, tiniest, animal I’ve ever had to handle. I was a nervous wreck. Luckily, I know some great people who are excellent foster parents for the strays and surrenders in our city, and I called one of them immediately after putting the kitten in a box with towels. My friend awesomely handled finding someone to come and pick up the wee kitty, have it checked out at PAWS and passed on to a wonderful foster parent who is well versed in bottle-feeding. It was a stressful few hours, friends, as this tiny life was in my hands and I felt helpless and worried.

debris kitten

I’m hopeful that this little hurricane babe survives, even though it was found relatively abandoned with eyes and ears closed and cord still attached. It is a cutie and deserves a lovely cat life, not on the mean streets of stray-cat-ville South Philly. It was also an interesting reminder at how tiny life can be and how tenuous it can be, and how scary change and the world can seem.

can you handle the cuteness?

Not my favorite season by any means, but the upside of summer is camping. I love being out of the city and in the woods. Last weekend, we went to Round Valley Reservoir in New Jersey for the wilderness camping on a waterfront. Kasy and I had camped here a few years ago, and we remembered how absolutely gorgeous it was:

50 | 365 : Watching the sunset

Watching the sunset

Waking on the water

Last time we had ridden our bikes there, during a 4 day bike trip around NJ. This time, we asked our two friends if they wanted to join us and so we drove up in their Prius. The campgrounds are a healthy hilly hike in (3.5-7 miles) and we were ready for swimming when we got to our site!

3.5 hilly hike to camp

Little rainshower

So we went for a good swim and started a fire. The rainstorms predicted for the weekend began to roll in, but the temperature was perfect. We made delicious food, drank some adult beverages, talked, and laughed. The rain came and went all evening, with heavier rain overnight. No worries, though. The trip was still amazing. In the morning, with the area so quiet and drying off from the night before, we had coffee down at the water’s edge and made breakfast before packing up and hiking back out. For us, non-car drivers and non-car campers, it was wonderful to still be able to use human power to get to our campsite. It made the space just a little sweeter.


This is how clear the water is

Skipping stones

This weekend

Morning at Round Valley Reservoir

Morning at Round Valley Reservoir

What are your favorite camping spots?

passing summer days

August 1, 2011

July is gone. In the blink of an eye. It was a very hot and very busy month here, hence the radio silence. Since I am still crawling out from under a pile o’lots of work for thedaytimejob, how about some visual treats of what July was like…

the first half of the month went like this…

Test ride

This is what my 4th of July weekend looked like

This is what my 4th of July weekend looked like

snips from the backyard

At Bina's wedding

Shawnee on the Delaware

Summer bowling with friends


in short, the first part of summer involved lots of outdoors, fireworks, drinks, swimming, cooking, a wedding, and some bowling.