I am proud to know handcrafters who push the boundaries of what is safe and acceptable in modern society. Crafting is an art and has a meaning behind it, and sometimes that meaning is not always beautiful. The beauty comes from examining those meanings and emotions, and evolving.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the guest post on Whipup by my lovely friend C, please do. And share your voice. The whole point is for us to talk about what language means to us.

I am proud of what she has started. I am proud to have a strong, thoughtful, and talented woman as a friend.

Edited to add: the guest post features NSFW language.


January 17, 2011

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely and cold winter Monday. I have spent much of the day cuddled under blankets, drinking hot tea, and attempting to be productive in the work-sphere. Many thoughts have been running through my mind this past weekend, and today, concerning the United States, people, civility, race, relationships, friendships, decency, justice, fairness, the environment, mistakes of the past, the promise of the future, and the confusing present.

I listened to MLK’s speech about the Vietnam War, courtesy of today’s Democracy Now episode, and I urge you to listen to it as well.

Be kind to each other and the environment. We are all together in this swirling, strange thing called life.