Apple picking by bicycle

September 25, 2011

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my crocheted blanket! I tried responding but kept having issues where my reply would reply on my blog and not to your emails. Oy, sometimes technology fails me. So, if you didn’t get an email reply I apologize!

I’m running around this morning, gathering up odds and ends to visit my parents for a couple of days in NY. Here are some lovely photos from a recent trip I took with a friend to go apple picking. We took the train, with our bikes, and rode from the station to the farm. Sadly, it seemed as though the rest of the city had picked the apples before us, but we made the best of it. Next picking trip, we’re going to grab a couple more of our friends and ride out to a different farm. Until then, these apples will have to do…

Apple picking on a Wednesday

Apple picking on a Wednesday

Apple picking on a Wednesday

Apple picking on a Wednesday


Are you doing any picking this fall?

Looking up on a Friday

September 9, 2011


Thought it was time for another Looking Up post.

Things that make me happy right now:

  • Cooler morning air. Cooler evening air. The signal of the change in season.
  • Making headway on the new backporch (details soon!) being built by us in the space that used to house our old kitchen.
  • A return to hot coffee from a few months of iced coffee (see first bullet).
  • Making good, healthy, wholesome food from scratch every night for dinner, and always having leftovers the next day.
  • Feeling grateful that the old bones in this old rowhome have withstood the intense amount of (more) rain we got this week. So far so good on the no rain *inside* the house. Our basement is dry and our roof is sturdy. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones, lost their home, and have to deal with more flooding damage in Pennsylvania due to the overflow of the Schuylkill, Delaware, and Susquehanna.
  • A great guy who works on beautifying my bicycles for me. My Surly Steamroller fixed gear has been lovingly retrofitted, switched over to freewheel, and we swapped out the bullhorn bars for uprights. It’s a lovely lovely smooth ride and I am so happy that I have good, strong bicycles.
  • Hope you are looking to the positives, on this Friday.

    (And on a sad note. The hurricane kitty has passed away in the loving hands of his foster. He was doing well for the first few days and then took a nosedive. I’m thankful for the amazing help my friends provided as I was trying to save him from a life on the streets of South Philly and am sad that he was unable to make it to a long cat life. So it is, sadly, the circle of life.)

    On a Monday

    June 28, 2011

    All intentions to post yesterday, but the day got away from me as Mondays tend to.

    I woke up with the grumps, as Mondays sometimes bring, and did not want to get on my bike and ride part of Kasy’s commute (as mentioned earlier). But I did it and boy, am I glad I did. It really cured the grumps, got my blood flowing, and woke me up. I stopped off at home, grabbed my bag, and headed to the grocery store with one word on repeat in my brain: WATERMELON!

    Monday morning

    After consuming one fourth of the watermelon, with glee, I got started with my work tasks. An email popped up in my inbox, telling me to check the Daily News as the article I was interviewed for and Kasy and I were photographed for had hit the press. The article is good press for alternative transportation in Philadelphia, and totally makes me sound way cooler than I really am. I think that there is some information, in the print edition, that perpetuates the belief that to be a bicycle person you have to be some sort of young urban hipster. That part makes me a little sad, since bicycles are the mode of transportation for the masses. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, an adult, in a suit, in cutoffs, rich or poor. It’s here for everyone and should be celebrated as such.

    A brief moment in the Daily News

    Kasy brought home the paper copy and we were stunned to see HOW LARGE the photo of us is. You can read the article here.

    And, just to add a few more bicycle photos to the mix — here we are moving my stuff from West Philly to South Philly (crappy cell phone pic) and a few shots of things we’ve carried by bike. I’m going to have Kasy guest post soon about bicycle trailers, so stay tuned for that.

    Moving house by bicycle

    Moving house by bicycle

    Rain or Shine.

    Kasy and his amazing trailer

    Who needs a car these days?

    March 20, 2010

    53 | 365 : The day after vacation is always tough


    June 8, 2011

    The temperatures have risen again, making Philadelphia a hot hot place for the next few days. Summer is always a weird time for me. It’s my least favorite season and it usually makes me feel restless and unfocused.

    Getting back in the saddle

    For the next month, I’ll be combating that with working towards better health, physically and mentally, through bicycle riding. Working from home has made it easier and easier to ride my bike less and less. Even though, when working at Penn, my commute was only 5 miles (roundtrip) a day, getting on the saddle every morning makes it easier to get on the saddle more often and for longer stretches of time. Kasy rides to and from work, a total of 22 miles a day, with most of the ride being on the river trail. Today was day 2 of me riding partway with him, down the river trail and up a big hill in East Falls before turning around and heading home. Each ride is ~15 miles and it feels good to get up and get going, and get home before 7:15am. It’s so nice to ride through city streets before many people are out and about. Morning emptiness in Philly streets is my favorite time in the city.

    Over the weekend, when the temperatures were still lovely, breezy, and low 80s at the hottest part of the day, Kasy and I took our scooter out for a morning ride to Penn’s Landing.

    Penn's Landing

    I love the waterfront and think it is such a shame that I-95 cuts the city off from easy access to it. Terrible planning. Penn’s Landing has such potential but a serious lack of community. It’s nice to head over there every now and then, and watch the boats. I need to remember to go there more often.

    Penn's Landing

    Jupiter of Philadelphia

    Seaport Museum

    Kasy and I both love being in quiet places, near water, so this was a sweet way to start our Saturday morning. Now, if only we were watching the clouds and the water from the cockpit of our own sailboat, in a small town far from here. One day…

    On the shore of the Delaware

    Happy Earth Day

    April 22, 2011

    I hope you are getting fresh air in your lungs and sun on your face. It is cloudy and chilly, here in my corner of Pennsylvania. I have beans bubbling away on the stove for a big pot of soup that involves low impact ingredients, as many of our meals do. Kasy and I talked about blogging a bit about what we make to eat for dinner and changes we’ll be making in that regard to ensure even smaller amounts of garbage and recycling. So stay tuned for that!

    In the spirit of Earth Day, I will take this moment to urge everyone to get out from behind the wheel of their car and get walking, get biking, get public transportationing. I’ll be posting, in the coming weeks, about how we’ve managed without owning a car and renovating a house by bicycle.

    And on that note, check out Kasy’s first fully handbuilt bicycle.* It’s replacing his Surly Crosscheck as his commuter. He’s been working on it for a few months now and is so pleased to see it finished. It really is a stunning bicycle.

    Kasy's newest creation

    Kasy's newest creation

    Kasy's pretty pleased

    *Kasy works in the handbuilt bike industry making racks, building wheels, welding and brazing onto frames, etc. This is the first bicycle he has built. I am so incredibly proud. Next on his docket is retro-fitting my touring bike, an ’86 Ritchie, with S&S couplers and new racks.

    Work-in-Progress Wednesday

    February 16, 2011

    I always love the blogs that detail works-in-progress on Wednesdays, or any day of the week in regularity, for that matter. I’m thinking of starting to do a similar thing. Unfortunately for you knitters out there, this WIP might not be that interesting to you.

    Our Kitchen Renovation in Progress. A WIP of huge proportions.

    working on the kitchen

    New lights!

    No Saturday is complete without...

    Kitchen crazed
    Oh wait. There’s a knitterly thing in this photo. Idlewood in the wild (of the kitchen)!

    Philadelphia Bike Expo

    November 1, 2010

    I can’t believe it’s November! For all the time I spent this summer wishing autumn would arrive, this one has gone by particularly fast. I blame the weirdo weeks of 85F temps we had in there in September. Regardless, Kasy and I have managed to pack a pretty full season so far.

    I have such a backlog of photos to post on Flickr and share with you. But I’m going to start with a clean slate, tell you all that I went camping, worked on the house, went to Boston for work, went to Rhinebeck, and then had the first Philly Bike Expo this past weekend. I’ll do a better Rhinebeck round up soon, but for now…how about some bike love!

    Philly Bike Expo! Oct 30-31. You should come!

    Kasy works for Bilenky Cycle Works, here in Philly. I’ve mentioned it before, when telling you about the Junkyard Cyclocross race and random other things that they’ve organized. This is by far the biggest and best. Over this past weekend, Philadelphia was the host to bicyclists, frame builders, bag makers, clothing printers, and enthusiasts of all kinds in the bike world. Bilenky has been in cahoots with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia putting this event together and it was a rousing success.

    Philadelphia Bike Expo

    The bulk of the Expo took place in the Armory on 23rd and Chestnut. Vendor booths filled the space, both locals and businesses from as far as Texas and California. Seminars and demos were on the docket, and the Bike Snob guy signed some books and gave a talk. There was a fashion show Saturday night, followed by an after party with goldsprints at Bonner’s pub. Sunday I worked at Rosie’s, so I didn’t get a chance to hang around as much as on Saturday, but we closed the weekend with a fun party at North Bowl, with costumes and bowling and beer. Oh, the beers that were dranken this weekend. Re-entry into real life is hard after a fun weekend. Why not let some photos do the talking?

    Philadelphia Bike Expo

    Philadelphia Bike Expo

    Isis signing her posters

    RE Load

    Bike Expo Fashion Show

    Kasy whoop'd ass
    (that’s Kasy on the left)

    My new look

    I’m still going through the few hundred photos I took, but if you want to see the whole set you can find it HERE ON FLICKR. And if you want to see other peoples’ photos, I created the Philadelphia Bike Expo! flickr group.

    (I’m toying with the idea of Nanoblomo this year, so you might see lots more of me this month…)