Not my favorite season by any means, but the upside of summer is camping. I love being out of the city and in the woods. Last weekend, we went to Round Valley Reservoir in New Jersey for the wilderness camping on a waterfront. Kasy and I had camped here a few years ago, and we remembered how absolutely gorgeous it was:

50 | 365 : Watching the sunset

Watching the sunset

Waking on the water

Last time we had ridden our bikes there, during a 4 day bike trip around NJ. This time, we asked our two friends if they wanted to join us and so we drove up in their Prius. The campgrounds are a healthy hilly hike in (3.5-7 miles) and we were ready for swimming when we got to our site!

3.5 hilly hike to camp

Little rainshower

So we went for a good swim and started a fire. The rainstorms predicted for the weekend began to roll in, but the temperature was perfect. We made delicious food, drank some adult beverages, talked, and laughed. The rain came and went all evening, with heavier rain overnight. No worries, though. The trip was still amazing. In the morning, with the area so quiet and drying off from the night before, we had coffee down at the water’s edge and made breakfast before packing up and hiking back out. For us, non-car drivers and non-car campers, it was wonderful to still be able to use human power to get to our campsite. It made the space just a little sweeter.


This is how clear the water is

Skipping stones

This weekend

Morning at Round Valley Reservoir

Morning at Round Valley Reservoir

What are your favorite camping spots?

passing summer days

August 1, 2011

July is gone. In the blink of an eye. It was a very hot and very busy month here, hence the radio silence. Since I am still crawling out from under a pile o’lots of work for thedaytimejob, how about some visual treats of what July was like…

the first half of the month went like this…

Test ride

This is what my 4th of July weekend looked like

This is what my 4th of July weekend looked like

snips from the backyard

At Bina's wedding

Shawnee on the Delaware

Summer bowling with friends


in short, the first part of summer involved lots of outdoors, fireworks, drinks, swimming, cooking, a wedding, and some bowling.

Wordless Wednesday

June 22, 2011


Happy Summer!

June 20, 2011

Tomorrow is the first day of summer! I’ve spent the days, since my last post, working on the house, on work, on some projects, and visiting with friends and family. I have posts coming up, but until then, here are some summery photos.

Northeast Pennsylvania, at 70mph

Fort Edward, NY

(The amusement of standing in front of a bed of ‘Winter Savory’ as summer is about to begin is not lost on me)


June 8, 2011

The temperatures have risen again, making Philadelphia a hot hot place for the next few days. Summer is always a weird time for me. It’s my least favorite season and it usually makes me feel restless and unfocused.

Getting back in the saddle

For the next month, I’ll be combating that with working towards better health, physically and mentally, through bicycle riding. Working from home has made it easier and easier to ride my bike less and less. Even though, when working at Penn, my commute was only 5 miles (roundtrip) a day, getting on the saddle every morning makes it easier to get on the saddle more often and for longer stretches of time. Kasy rides to and from work, a total of 22 miles a day, with most of the ride being on the river trail. Today was day 2 of me riding partway with him, down the river trail and up a big hill in East Falls before turning around and heading home. Each ride is ~15 miles and it feels good to get up and get going, and get home before 7:15am. It’s so nice to ride through city streets before many people are out and about. Morning emptiness in Philly streets is my favorite time in the city.

Over the weekend, when the temperatures were still lovely, breezy, and low 80s at the hottest part of the day, Kasy and I took our scooter out for a morning ride to Penn’s Landing.

Penn's Landing

I love the waterfront and think it is such a shame that I-95 cuts the city off from easy access to it. Terrible planning. Penn’s Landing has such potential but a serious lack of community. It’s nice to head over there every now and then, and watch the boats. I need to remember to go there more often.

Penn's Landing

Jupiter of Philadelphia

Seaport Museum

Kasy and I both love being in quiet places, near water, so this was a sweet way to start our Saturday morning. Now, if only we were watching the clouds and the water from the cockpit of our own sailboat, in a small town far from here. One day…

On the shore of the Delaware


June 3, 2011

Waiting to push down the plunger of my french press coffee and start my Friday.

Here are some pictures from the week –

Memorial Day

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

Keeping cool

Project Spectrum | Green | Backyard Basil

Friday morning

As you can see, my camera lens has moved from the REDs to the GREENs. A more comfortable color in my life. I love all the greens.

Now that a week has passed, and I’ve somewhat caught up on the to-do list these past few days, I have a few quiet moments to share some photos from Maryland Sheep and Wool. Seems to be a theme, since Bridget just blogged about it too.

Last Saturday morning, we shepherded Philly knitters to and from MDSW on the annual bus ride from Rosie’s Yarn Cellar. It was early for most, but we had coffee and raffle prizes. The buses were abuzz with chatting and the clicking of needles.

Arriving at the fairgrounds mid-morning, the buses unleashed us on the festival. My goals this year were to not buy yarn. I followed that. It was so hard, as I was originally toying with the idea of getting some Bartlettyarns Sportweight for my first sweater design, set to commence (self-imposed start date) in January 2012. Instead, I was free to look, touch, and take photos of things that my heart loved. It was weirdly freeing to quiet those inner IMUSTHAVETHISEVENTHOUGHIWONTUSEITFORALONGTIME thoughts. Instead I bought a spearmint plant, a tomato plant (Paul Robeson tomato, if you are curious), some excellent handcast pewter buttons with big sailing ships on them (to be used on a sweater on my knitting priorities list, so I’ll show them when that is finished), and an adorable teeshirt for myself and for a friend’s wee one. The day was gorgeous, and I got to meet up with some wonderful internet (flickr/blog/twitter) friends throughout the day.

I’m only had half a cup of coffee this morning, so here are some pictures to show off the fun in the sun at MDSW.

Oh Hello!

My favorite part of MDSW

The cutest

Yarn that I loved

Maryland Sheep and Wool

Maryland Sheep and Wool

Hanging out with the internet

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2011

Lolly has started up another round of Project Spectrum, and I’m so glad she did. I’ve enjoyed PS in the past but have never participated in the way that I want to. This time round, I hope to change all that.

May is the color RED, so I took the time a few days ago to look at the red items in my life right now. Once upon a time, when I was 8, red was my favorite color. Not sure why or why it changed, but red has not been a prominent color in my life since. I gravitate towards the blues, greens, grays, browns, oranges, yellows, and pinks. Even sometimes purple, if the purple is right. Red is a rare color for me, yet I’m currently working on 2 knitting projects that are bright red…and I’m enjoying it!



Since May is also the month of Macro May, these shots serve double duty. It’s interesting to see how much more I’m noticing the color red, now that the month is “dedicated” to it. That Lolly. She sneaks into your brain.

Project Spectrum 2011 | Red

Even a photo of my dear friend Maura fits into the red category. Well, technically pink but with the spotlight it really showed up as a red on my camera. (This is from the circus show I mentioned last post. She is pretty amazing.)

My friends are pretty cool

Since I am still finding that my yarn, fabric, and fiber stashes are all overwhelmingly large, I thought that I would do a Project Spectrum themed giveaway this year. Each month, an offering or two will be put up to win, in the color being celebrated. Finding red yarn in my stash is proving difficult, but check back next post. I think I have a nice little something something that could be yours. I’ll be doing the standard random number generated winner from comments, but will detail all of that when I show you the red giveaway.

In the meantime, I need to tidy my house and bake some cookies. Headed to Maryland Sheep and Wool tomorrow morning, shepherding the Philly knitters on the Rosie’s Yarn Cellar annual bus trip. I hope to see many people there, this year, including Ms. Project Spectrum herself. If you see me at MDSW, don’t be shy! Say hi! I’d love to meet you! Oh, I cut my hair, so this is what I look like these days.

New Spring 'do

Happy Holidays!

December 26, 2010

Christmas has passed and Philadelphia is bracing itself for the onslaught of a snowstorm today. I hope you are keeping warm and toasty with the ones you love.

Here are some shots from the past couple of weeks.

Bilenky Junkyard Cyclocross Race 2010

Bilenky Junkyard Cyclocross Race 2010

First snow of the season!

Beets + Turnips + Potatoes = Soup

Happy Solstice

Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8 G

January 22, 2010

I use a Nikon D60 camera as my primary camera. I purchased it a little over a year ago, and proceeded to not really read the manual due to a lack of time and finishing my thesis. It came with the kit lens and then I quickly bought a 50mm lens, shortly followed by a 35mm lens.

This Nikkor 35mm lens has proven itself to be my absolute favorite, and now that I have more time since school is over, I’m starting to play with my camera more. I’ve been into photography most of my life, and have used SLR cameras before, but geez. None of them had as many functions as these DSLRs!

Here are some of my favorite photos, taken with my trusty 35mm lens, over the past year. It’s proven to be a fun challenge keeping this lens on my camera, forcing me to look at composition differently. Prime lenses are interesting in that way, and I am having fun using this one as my steady constant

YIP 2009 | 4.9.09

YIP 2009 | 6.21.09

if you insist on photographing me

272/365 - 2009 | wine + cashmere

320/365.2 [photo 2 for 2010]

[photo 11  for 2010]


The sights of summer [YIP 2009 | 6.23.09]