right now

February 25, 2011

Teetering on that border between winter and spring. Loving that warmer cold air, knowing that the temperatures will rise soon. Friday nights are full of fun, beers, and thoughts of the future. The weekend is full of necessary work on the house of the present. Teetering on that border between now and soon.

right now

All I know is that I wish I were in the woods, in a tent, instead of in a rowhome in the deeps of South Philly. Never have I wanted warmer weather. I want to go camping now.



July 27, 2010

Summer has long been my least favorite of the seasons. This year is just adding insult to injury, here in Philadelphia. Scorching days. Heavy humidity.

Summer 2010. The season of the gray cloud.

And many thunderstorms. Good thing I like the rain.

Kasy and I had initially planned a wonderful week-long vacation that involved canoeing and camping in the Pine Barrens. Lack of rain, in the weeks preceding our vacation, forced us to nix those plans, since the Wading River (our canoe location of choice) was dry in some of the upper sections. We fleetingly toyed with the idea of biking to Cape May for a few days, but the forecast of 7 days of 100+ degree heat forced us to abandon those plans as well.

Monument + epic clouds

So, with just a couple days notice, we found ourselves in a hostel in Washington DC with a list of museums to check out. It was still a scorcher down there, but we were bopping around from museum to museum and found it to be not so bad.

Smithsonian Butterfly Garden

I still have a bunch of photos to go through, but here are some shots from our 3 day jaunt in the Nation’s capital.

LEED AP Headquarters

Air and Space Museum

Baby ducks. BABY DUCKS!

Smithsonian Arts and Industries


I hope you are all enjoying the season and keeping cool!