Views from last month

November 7, 2010

So my attempt at blogging daily is not actually happening. At least this month will be a “blogging more often” exercise for me.

Not having many words this morning (due to not making coffee yet), I leave you with some photos from last month, when we went camping near Cape May, NJ —

i <3 camping

playing with fire

Just some fun knitting

Camping near Cape May

Cape May

Cape May

Cape May

Cape May Octoberfest

These days

November 4, 2010

I had every intention of blogging yesterday, especially since I had a lovely few hours with Ms. Through the Loops and Ms. Choo Choo Knits.

Wednesday with some friends

We stopped by Loop and Rosie’s Yarn Cellar, since they had never been to either, and then had a long lunch with knitting and chit chat. I wore my Ulmus for the occasion!


Then back to the grind I went. Yesterday involved doing work (for my job) and doing work (on the house).

We’ve seen a lot of this lately:


My thoughts about voting

November 2, 2010

You should do it.

I voted.

I did it.

Philadelphia Bike Expo

November 1, 2010

I can’t believe it’s November! For all the time I spent this summer wishing autumn would arrive, this one has gone by particularly fast. I blame the weirdo weeks of 85F temps we had in there in September. Regardless, Kasy and I have managed to pack a pretty full season so far.

I have such a backlog of photos to post on Flickr and share with you. But I’m going to start with a clean slate, tell you all that I went camping, worked on the house, went to Boston for work, went to Rhinebeck, and then had the first Philly Bike Expo this past weekend. I’ll do a better Rhinebeck round up soon, but for now…how about some bike love!

Philly Bike Expo! Oct 30-31. You should come!

Kasy works for Bilenky Cycle Works, here in Philly. I’ve mentioned it before, when telling you about the Junkyard Cyclocross race and random other things that they’ve organized. This is by far the biggest and best. Over this past weekend, Philadelphia was the host to bicyclists, frame builders, bag makers, clothing printers, and enthusiasts of all kinds in the bike world. Bilenky has been in cahoots with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia putting this event together and it was a rousing success.

Philadelphia Bike Expo

The bulk of the Expo took place in the Armory on 23rd and Chestnut. Vendor booths filled the space, both locals and businesses from as far as Texas and California. Seminars and demos were on the docket, and the Bike Snob guy signed some books and gave a talk. There was a fashion show Saturday night, followed by an after party with goldsprints at Bonner’s pub. Sunday I worked at Rosie’s, so I didn’t get a chance to hang around as much as on Saturday, but we closed the weekend with a fun party at North Bowl, with costumes and bowling and beer. Oh, the beers that were dranken this weekend. Re-entry into real life is hard after a fun weekend. Why not let some photos do the talking?

Philadelphia Bike Expo

Philadelphia Bike Expo

Isis signing her posters

RE Load

Bike Expo Fashion Show

Kasy whoop'd ass
(that’s Kasy on the left)

My new look

I’m still going through the few hundred photos I took, but if you want to see the whole set you can find it HERE ON FLICKR. And if you want to see other peoples’ photos, I created the Philadelphia Bike Expo! flickr group.

(I’m toying with the idea of Nanoblomo this year, so you might see lots more of me this month…)