FO 2010 | Ulmus Shawl

September 28, 2010

Well, this shawl is simply fantastic. Why it took me so long to finish it is beyond me.

FO 2010 | Ulmus

According to my project page on Ravelry, I started this little number in May 2009 when the pattern was released. I was immediately enamored with it, since stripes are kind of a passion of mine and this would give me a chance to utilize 2 skeins of sock yarn from stash to make something so cute.


I went with a skein of Madelintosh Sock in Norway Spruce (oh look. teal. what a surprise) and a skein of Socks that Rock Lightweight in Obsidian (I do love brown), with plans to knit to largest size. And I cast on and knit knit knit for a little while. And then I put it down to start something else, with all intentions of returning to Ulmus shortly…

YIP 2009 | 6.26.09

…and then all of a sudden it’s 2010. I put this project on my stash down list because I really wanted to get it finished and around my neck. That plan proved successful because now it is finished, in all its choqua glory.

I ran out of the Norway Spruce yarn at the end of the border, so I had to omit 2 rows and bind off with some Louet Gems in teal. See? Having a lot of teal yarn really does pay off, eh?

FO 2010 | Ulmus

Size: Largest in pattern
Needle: US 6 – 4.0 mm
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight (Colorway: obsidian)
Madelinetosh Tosh Sock (Colorway: norway spruce)
Louet Gems (Colorway: teal)
Mods: Omitted last 2 rows before the bind off

Fall is slowly rolling in. Since summer is my least favorite season (I belong in cold weather), I am so pleased that the days are still warm but in a different way. There’s something about 85 degree heat in September that feels drastically different from 85 degree heat in July or August. Maybe it’s the cool nights. Maybe it’s the lack of the humidity. Regardless, nothing but smiles over here.

As the temperatures drop to more humane standards, I find myself continuing to wrap my arms around my possessions and my relationship with material items. As all you crafters can understand, this naturally leads to thoughts of how to manage the yarn and fabric and other crafty detritus acquired over many years of making things with your hands. Sometimes I have fleeting thoughts of dumping everything and starting from scratch, stash-wise, but then I remember how much I love the yarn and fabric I’ve lovingly picked out and purchased and how I want to be able to use it and love it as a garment or quilt. I had many crafty goals in January 2010, but sadly those are long forgotten. I still have piles of things half knit and half sewn. Many projects stalled out mid-way. And enough yarn and fabric for many more. Thus enters the 6 month Stashdown.

Starting September 6, 2010 and ending around April 6, 2010*, I have a list of projects I want to knit out of the yarn I currently have in my cupboard. The list is not really prioritized or to be followed in any real order, other than to try to accomplish the whole thing by early Spring 2011. There are some gifts, some socks, some scarves, some WIPs, and many things I’ve been wanting to have for myself. So here it goes, friends. Wish me luck! If you want to check in and see what the list is or the progress made on it, you can check out my ravelry page for finished items and items in progress or my blog page which houses the whole list.

If you find yourself embarking on a stash-down goal of your own, tell me about it in the comments or leave a link to your blog so I can cheer you along as well!

And there are some other non-crafty items to share with you, from this past summer. To whet your appetite, here’s a lovely sunset from a recent trip to Vermont. More to come soon.

Sunset driving

*Depending on how this plan goes, I may want to extend the deadline and add more projects to the list.